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Economics and Statistics Administration

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005 (modified on Jun 24, 2005)
Total Funding:$69,375,000
Funding Programs:3
Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) provides a clear picture of the U.S. economy through the preparation, development, and interpretation of the national income and product accounts, summarized by the gross national product (GNP); the wealth accounts, which show the business and other components of national wealth; the input-output accounts, which trace the interrelationships among industrial markets; personal income and related economic series by geographic area; the U.S. balance of payments accounts and associated foreign investment accounts; and measures relating to environmental change and to welfare within the framework of the national economic accounts. The data and analyses prepared are disseminated mainly through its monthly publications, the Survey of Current Business, and Business Conditions Digest.

Funding Programs